Saturday, September 25, 2010


Adam is trying to convince me that I'm On Fire played as a 45 sounds like Dolly Parton. Welcome to my Saturday night. livin it up here at 385 Porksausage Ln (ya, right like I'm really gonna put my address on the internet, DUH..but what if I really did live on Porksausage Ln.? My life would be considerably different, I feel.) This is all besides the point. I've been laboring for weeks now, more like 4 days really, on what to post on my new BLAHG....and it finally came to me this evening via a sudden turn of events.

Popsicles had a lot to do with it actually.

So me and Ad were taking the leisurely way back home after a day of shoppin round and I had a sudden urge to visit Imogen + Willie, the premiere spot for denim in all of the land. I've never been in and always wanted to go, but you know,... you just never get around to the dumb stuff. So we get out and walk a mile and it's Closed. I mean, that's life, right? Well on our way back we see little young ones runnin round with their popsicles just waving them in our face practically - basically this:
So, we had no other choice than to also partake in these obviously delicious treats, which brings me to the point of my post -

also known as the best cold thing to ever be in your mouth. Mexican popsicles in an array of fruity and creamy flavors for your enjoyment in the lovely 12south. I had honeydew and Adam had strawberry, we literally kept exclaiming on the way home, WOW THIS IS A GREAT POPSICLE. I have never had a popsicle this good. I don't think you understand the levity of that statement. It's a big deal, ok? The best part? It was for 100% free monies. Ad pulled out his deb card and the nice lady was like, "oops only cash or check!" Ad side-eyes me and I'm like "seriously? I have nothing." and I started to put my popsicle back (saddest thing ever, I almost started crying) and the lady said, NO WORRIES, just pay next time you come.
And Voila, this is why I decided to make the post. This lady clearly is wonderful, her popsicles are out of this world and I'm using that cliche seriously, and upon further study I see they have a rose petal flavor which I am FOR SURE gonna try. This place rules I feel like a total loser that I've lived in Nashville for 4 years and just now realized it. I SUCK.

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