Saturday, October 30, 2010

I suck at Halloween almost as much as I suck at dental health. I did not carve one single pumpkin, eat one single candy apple, watch one single scary movie, or go to one single haunted freakin house. I thought of a great costume idea but then I didn't even make it. I was too busy talkin about it I guess. I ate a popcorn ball though, and it was delicious.

So since my post about Las Paletas I've probably had about 30 popsicles. And guess what. All of them: spectacular. I'm seriously considering staying in Nashville for the rest of my life just so I can have creamy popsicles within an arm's reach. Tonight me and Adam got the best parking spot of our lives (both of them, seperately) and contemplated eating at Burger Up because good parking spots are one in a million. Unfortunately, we both had just ate at least 3 lbs of pizza each so we passed. Just barely, though. While we were outside of Las Paletas slurpin our creamy sics this huge group of awkward underagers walked up and were like "are they open??" and one girl was like "well there's two people right there eating popsicles". Awkward situations follow me.

I'm watching Joy Division videos and Adam is singing Taylor Swift. I think I stay with him because he makes feeling cool so easy.

Happy Mother Effin Hallo Freakin Ween.

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