Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fashion shows always bombard me and I feel like I've been slapped in the face after they're all over with. That's why I'm slowin things down and going back to Resort. Resort is always my favorite. There's not much pressure because it's not a major seasonal shift so fashion buyer's lives aren't desperately depending on it. As a result, designers are more playful during this season. It's close to the Spring/Summer collections so you see lots of prints and colors aka the best of the best.

Cacharel resort 2011

Cacharel is so great here. I looove me some print mixin and especially the idea of print leakin (as in the first look, her shirt leaks onto her pants!) I did a glue butterfly painting in 2nd grade and my butterfly's body color leaked out onto the wings and my art teacher thought I was a creative genius (truth is, I just didn't have another color.) Excuse me Cacharel have you been in my childhood bedroom peepin my framed butterfly art? You burgaled my brain. It ain't right.

Marc Jacobs resort 2011

I'm not shy about my Marc lovin. I can't help that he makes it extremely difficult to dislike his clothes. I understand not everyone loves him. He's pretty colorful most of the time and uses a lot of prints, beading, and sequins, but then again if you don't like these things I'm pretty sure you don't have much of a personality. Sorry, but black can't be your favorite color.....because it's not one. Regardless, Marc wins both parties over with his details and his cuts. Everything he does is so commercial but so unique...something that you never knew you needed but now you need it Sooooo bad you can't stand it and you might even sell your cat to get it.

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