Sunday, June 12, 2011

You know how everyone dreads weird knitted stuff from their grandma? Well, my grandma made me a weird quilt with multicolored dutch girls on it and I love it. So I guess it kinda makes sense that I also love Annie Larson.

Annie takes my two favorite things, color and pattern, crams all possible combinations together and then knits it for her brand, All Knitwear (well that explains it). She's based out of Minneapolis, MN (my favorite accent to mock!) and sells her knitwear on her online shop. Her clothes are stocked in stores in San Francisco, Melbourne, and Auckland.

I love Annie's work because it's not trying to be anything, it is what it is. Her photoshoots use normal looking human beings and not tiny cute 14 year olds like every other fashion line (er, I'm a little guilty of this.) She's making the world a beautiful place to live by exploding it with a color bomb. U go girl.

Save a life and visit Annie and her knits at

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