Thursday, July 14, 2011



Christopher Kane Resort 11, via

I remember when this dashing Irish man made a splash(seriously? I don't talk like this in real life, jsyk) with his senior collection at Central St. Martins, NEON when neon wasn't cool. Actually, he might have made it cool. Now neon is all up in my life and I'm not hating it, unfortunately. I'm an ironic dresser. I wear it in an ironic way....but no one else knows that but me. Anyway...Chris's resort show is BLAZZZZIIN he pairs neon oh so subtly with rainbow space patterns and slick metallic pinks and BRIGHT pinks my fav :) :) will I ever stop talking about pink? I do not know. Rainbow bright all grown up and listening to the coolest bands and hanging out at the coolest bars and wearing the coolest rainbows.

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