Sunday, August 28, 2011

Making wishlists is one of the top 5 reasons the internet was created, let's be honest. My birthday is coming up on September 5th so what a perfect time to wish for things I'll never have!

            Beautiful, crazy nails via Kris Atomic
 A retro fan so I can be cool while getting cooled
                A hot pink striped rug, to replace my identical black one.
                 An adjustable leather camera strap, cause I'm a photographer.
                          A handpainted locket, because I love tiny, wonderful things        

                                          All of the outfits above, especially the shoes
                                      A delicious treat, with some spranks on top
                                       this puffy sweater susie bubble is wearing       
                                 these gals as my new best friends                     
                        this issue of japanese vogue, just $30 that's all
                                     a fuzzy catepillar rug like this one
                               cake, duh
some prabal gurung for j.crew, por favor

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