Thursday, April 12, 2012

I don't know if you've noticed this yet or not, but I'm kind of obsessed with my cat. When July rolls around, we will have owned her for a year. I bought her for a $100 at a shelter just outside of Chicago. She was almost three at the time and already called herself a mother (her kittens were all adopted before her.) I went in to get a white baby kitten, as my wait to own a cat had been so long I was only going to accept supreme cuteness. But when I got to the shelter, the guy started pushing me toward the cats and when I told him I liked loner cats, he showed me Olive (Daffodil at the shelter name, gag.) I held her and she growled at me and I instantly fell in love. When I went back to pick her up she was sleeping in her litter box. The guy said they do that when they are stressed because they know the scent. I went in to get an adorable white kitten and I came out with an adult mom with poop on her. And she's perfect.

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Charlotte said...

She's so precious.