Sunday, May 6, 2012

Here are a plethora of videos that should help to fulfill your Sunday. Aren't Sundays about sitting around on the computer and watching dumb shit? It's the ~day o' rest~ y'allll.

My new favorite song

 My new favorite band. I saw them a couple of weeks ago in a large warehouse in Nashville that had such decadent accommodations as unlimited beer from a keg (which quickly ran out), $3 homemade crepes, and a toilet paperless bathroom with the ever mysterious Gojo soap. As an old woman of 25, I have a major young boy crush on the lead singer of this band. I think it's because he sings like he's in his bathroom mirror dreaming about singing in a band. Also, my friend may or may not have sexually harassed the drummer that night which adds an emotional touchstone to why I like this band.

I am Liz Lemon.

 Tavi mouthing Taylor Swift in goth garb..Have I mentioned I was on this video set? Handing Taylor Swift a marching band helmet was the highlight of  my unpaid career.

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