Thursday, September 13, 2012

So I have been crafting my BUTT OFF lately, like I lost my butt 'cause I crafted it off and now I can't find it. My fingers are also bruised from hand sewing, and now I will never doubt the usefulness of thimbles. This is what I have been making!!!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~

I'm also in the process of painting totes that say things like "Go Away" and "Bitches Love Witches". I put a lot of new things up on my Etsy, including a custom shirt dress, you pick the fabric and I make it! It's like you're a movie star or something. I'm also making cat, witch hat, and flower canvas patches for your denim jackets 'cause I KNOW FOR SURE all of you own at least one denim jacket. All that will be up in the shop within the next week.

Why so many crafts you ask? (you did ask that, right?) WELLL, TUFT will be at Made In Nashville this Saturday. A craft fair that benefits the Tennessee Literacy Coalition. Is it really super sad that I just spellchecked literacy? ughhhhhh I'm fired from life.

If you're in Nashville I would love for you to stop by and browse my merchandise! That sounds really weird and I promise I'm just as awkward in person as I am on the internet!! See ya Saturday!

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lauren winter said...

POLKA DOTTED CAT PILLOWS!! you're the only lady I know that makes cat-themed items I'd actually buy. everything looks awesome.