Thursday, May 19, 2011


so I am OBsessed with this brand, migh-T. I'm trying to remember when I first came across it....I think it was via Susie Lau at one point, of couse it would be that girl has good taste. Sorry but, space flying doughnuts, koalas on silk, doughnut inspired apparel???????? are u kiddin me, get on my body righnow.

The designer of migh-T is Kumiko Watari, a former textile major from Japan. She now resides in London after continuing her education at Central Saint Martins. From the migh-T website,

"The concept of the label “migh-T” is “mighty=strong” and also “my-T-shirts” for people who have a strong mind and enjoy being unique in their lives. "

She has only ONE stockist in the USA which is completely stupid. Thankfully you can buy her wares on her website.
 FALL 11




Oh, just some drippy heart socks, that's all.

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