Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Long time no blog, guys. I've been in a very scary, dark place called no iternet connection at home. I don't suggest you visit. I just moved and I'm avoiding setting it up because not having that bill is really great, but my addiction to blogs is greater and my phone just isn't cutting it anymore. The internet wins again.

Anywho, I have a ginormous stack of WWD's I'm trudgin through and something I read last night in the accessories issue caught my eye. Apparel designer, Jenni Kayne, debuted a line of flats, wedges, and slingbacks in a wonderful color pallette. I'm not very familiar with her designs but these shoes made me want to be. Is it just me or is peach, poppy, and creme the ultimate color combo this Spring? I went into Gap recently and these colors were everywhere, and in true Gap fashion they were also on sale. Speaking of Gap sales, they had a rack by the register with khakis and black sweaters for $1.99. Wtf. That's a little awkward, right?

And finally, what you are really waiting for (you probably read none of the above actually) - pictures!!

Jenni Kayne, available on Priced $350 to $595.


Jenni Kayne, Fall 2011,

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