Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I have been EXTREMELY busy writing, crafting, drawing, and sewing but the end is near my friends (lol who am I kidding, it will never end.) I've got a really fun craft fair coming up this Saturday, December 15th at (the one of the newest, coolest places in town) The Stone Fox, from 10-4. Here's all that info illustrated much more eloquently:
I recently wrote an article about my wonderful friend Natalie Prass for Native magazine (a free local magazine here in Nashville.) Read the entire issue online here! Here's a preview of the photoshoot, shot by the incredibly talented Allister Ann(is that not the coolest name ever?) and featuring a TUFT dress that Natalie owns! A little sneak peek:

Also, this week my favorite store (and consequently the only place I stock TUFT at ... they have nothing to do with each other, I swear) is having a myriad of holiday sales, culminating in a holiday party this Sunday from 6-9...a soiree, if you will. I'm talking about Local Honey, DUH

This holiday season has been JAM mother ferkin PACKED with creating which I couldn't be more happy about. Even though my  neck hurts from illustrating all night on the computer..and I haven't ate lunch yet because I'm too busy to eat. Hey guys, I found this new diet where you just agree to everything anyone suggests to you and then you're so busy making deadlines you forget to eat! I look great!! What I'm trying to say is, come buy my stuff so I can go get a celebratory sandwich afterwards. I need to EAT! I love food. That's all. Have a nice day. Merry Christmas or whatever. What day is it? Bye.

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